Our Trust


Set up 2009, this trust provides education for underprivileged children. Initially the trust provided books and clothes to the children, now with the number of children growing; we have tied up with local schools to provide the education. Our institution pays the fees for the books and clothes and the schools take care of their education. In 2014, Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust funded the education of 350 students in Haridwar. We are looking at taking this number up to 700 students in the coming year.

Tentative hostel and school (CBSE Board). This will be a full-fledged CBSE Board school, with education imparted in Sanskrit & English (Sanskar & Education) Under Sanskar, subjects taught will include Yoga, values and spirituality, while English education will focus on subjects like Science and Maths. We have purchased a 54,000 sq.ft. plot of land along the banks of River Ganga for this project.1500 students have been funded over the last 5 years. Our first generation of students is now in Std. V of the local CBSE school.

Trust Work (Women Welfare)

In India, marriage of a young girl can often leave her parents in huge debt, and can even cripple their future lives. In an effort to avoid these situations in the immensely traditional and poor sections of society, Chinmayanand Bapuji initiated an annual community wedding ceremony for girls from this strata of the society.

During this ceremony, families register the bride and the groom, and they are wedded under the aegis of Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust as per the Hindu rituals. The Trust also provides the new bride the essentials that are expected of a new bride as she prepares to enter her husband’s home.

The Trust funds the young bride’s wedding trousseau and some gifts that will help the new couple setup their home: the wedding sari, payal, sofa set, cupboard and 5 gold ornaments. These essentials are given to each bride at the time of the wedding.

Trust Work (Children Welfare)

Chinmayanand Bapu believes the path to a brighter and happier future lies in Sanskar-based education. While learning for all is one of the key areas of social work that Bapuji and the Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust is involved in, Bapuji insists on Value-based education for the citizens of tomorrow.

Our society today is wrought with violence, anger and negative elements. One of the key reasons of this change in our society has been lack of value education over the last 100 years or so in the Indian education system. Today’s schools teach children logical concepts of science and maths; but our education system is missing out on guiding young minds on how to be good citizens of tomorrow, how to be good caring human beings who can contribute to the society at large.

The efforts of our institution: Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust, in the field of education are aimed at equipping young children from rural India in skills that will empower them to compete in modern India, while giving them a value system that will guide their moral and social behavior through their lifetime. We seek to nurture good human ‘beings’, not just efficient ‘human doers’.

Trust Work (Gaushala)

We always respect and honor cows as our mother. But people are not very much focused to serve the cows. Rastriya Sant Chinmayanand Bapu Ji is very much concerned about the cows.To serve them Bapu Ji have started to work on Gaushala ,which is named as Gau Lok Dham in February 2016,situated in Lalitpur, where more than 1000 cows can live together. Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust will organize all maintenance of this Gaushala.